Mr. Posley's 70th Birthday Party

Whether you refer to him as Mr. Posley, James, Jamie Lee, Granddad, Uncle James, Brother, Deacon, or any of the other names people call this legendary man, most would agree that he has made a lasting impact on their lives. So, we had to celebrate our hero in style. We showed him just how much his family, friends, and community appreciates his contribution and presence! I'm grateful for the opportunity to capture this moment, as "Granddad" has been a father and mentor to me most of my life. Thank you to all those who showed up and showed out. Happy Birthday Mr. Posley!!! 🎂🌟🥳

Breast Cancer Warrior

I nearly cried shooting and editing these images for my sister-aunt. Watching her go through the valleys and mountains of the chemo and recovery process was truly heart-breaking. Yet, through it all she remained graceful, optimistic, and hilarious. She showed me how to remain prayed up and strong in the face of true adversity. To all of the other Breast Cancer Warriors, keep fighting! I will be praying for you.

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