Hi, I am Rob Ellis.

I am currently a doctoral student, photographer, and consultant based out of Atlanta, GA. Having a background in business and a love for fine arts, I have often had to choose between helping others with my technical skills or creativity. Kreed’s Creative combines business acumen with crisp and emotive images to help businesses and personal brands communicate their essence and products with their target audience.


In this effort, we offer brand photography, professional head shots, lifestyle, and special moments photography.

Rob Ellis, Photographer and Founder of Kreed's Creative.


Fashion designer, Janna Yvonne, wearing "His Only Draft" piece from Stained Glass Apparel.

“For as long as I've known Rob, he's been detailed oriented and has taken extreme pride in his work. It's great to see him doing the same thing with his photography. His photos are clean and sharp. If you know him, you know you're going to have a good time working with him.”

“I've witnessed Rob's work on both sides of the camera, through modeling and watching him work behind the scenes. He takes his time and truly understands what it takes to get 'the shot'. I can always count on him to deliver classic, timeless images.”

“Having a shoot with Rob exceeded my expectations, from the moment I arrived to when we finished he had pure professionalism and guidance. I was instructed how to pose to develop the perfect position and photos. The greatest thank you goes to him for the photoshoot and amazing headshot that I use till this day!”

“Working with Rob is a wonderful experience because not only are his images crisp and clean, but his creative vision and photographic story telling is unparalleled. He will literally kneel in mud or tell a funny joke to get the perfect shot.”